Saturday, 7 January 2012

The last night at Ganga Arti

There are 2 place in Varanasi that held Ganga Arti everynight. One place is the famous one with many visitor (see my last picture), luxury stuff, well organized and look comercial space for high class tourism destination.

And the other is, just 100 meter away beside, look simple, not very crowded, and you can sit everywhere you want.

Because it's my last day in Varanasi, so i try to go to the second place.

And sit 15 minute here, im feel I like more this place,because not many visitor, more quiet, and i can sit closed to the priest and take a picture.

I try to observe, what the different both, and i ask a local man there, he say this arti is the old one, but when some boms explode in 2010 , many move to the new place that organized by some spiritual organization. The new one.

Wait, do you can see, in front of priest , some women stone inside little temple , yes it's The Goddes Ganga. Honeshtly it's my first time see how Goddes Ganga look like.

But if you go to the first place, you can't found Goddes Ganga there but you will found some picture of spiritual Guru like this.

If you ask me, which place that more good, it's personal choice, but i vote for the second one because more traditionaly and original.

But at all is same, i enjoy both :)

Even is my last night here, but im sure it's not be my last time to see The Ganga, Im promise with my self i will heading back and met The Ganga next time at Himalaya..

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