Wednesday, 4 January 2012

The Confession of Obedience

04.00 AM

I wake up, and walk around inside my hotel, the room boy still sleep near the park, i wake him, to open the door. All is dark here, because all electricity automaticaly off after 11 pm till morning. Save energy! The good one thought :)

I ask him, where is the part of Ganga in Varanasi that have clean water. He just smile and say go to Himalaya miss!. Hah, it's sily question of course!, everyone know how dirty Ganga is it, even not leave some space to clean water alive :).

He say's, you want take a bath? I say, Yes.

Go to other side with boat Miss, and take a dip before 5 pm because in the morning the water flow, and not many people take a bath so the water will be more clean than later.

Hmmm..ok, Let's go...

I found the young man that will ride my boat, I say , take me to other side where i can take a bath, he just looking at me and ask , are you from China?.. Japan? ..Taiwan? .., Uhhh than i just smile.

Mybe you will ask why i take a bath in this River that famous with the hell of dirty. Are i want trash my Sin?

Nope, i come take a dip not because want to trash my sin , for me sin still sin, the water here does not eliminate it, but just clean up your soul, so you achieve life balance, and will not be committed again with The sin in life.

Than what my reason? My Reason is take a bath here like a honor, a tribute and a respect. Because we already know how long this water have journey and give the source of life for many creatures, create a dependency , the symbol of hope and bear witness to the end of life.

Ganga like a symbol of Born - Live and Die

Some of friends wory if i get some bacteria inside the water, because its just 100 meter away from Manikarnika Ghat where many die body leave here.

But nothing happen on me, my skin still healthy and im not found anything "strange" inside the water. And mybe you not believe but the water smeels like flower.

I remember the one man in hotel say, what do you thinking inside your head about ganga, that it you will find.

Thank you Ganga to let me dip inside your home, save me from the dirty part of you, and mereassures me that You are a truly holy River.

Jai Ganga Ma..


  1. Even some of the Indians are not as religious as you Mareta. You are just amazing, you must visit the Himalayas. The water there is very clean and blue in color. You will love it.

  2. Thank you Arti, after visit and stop by on your blog, i already write Rishikesh and Haridhwar in my list destination :)