Saturday, 7 January 2012

Good Bye Varanasi

The next destination is Bodhgaya , The Buddha land. It take 4 hour by train from Varanasi Jn station. Because i hear Bihar is terrible place and im not want to take a risk , so i book first class of Poorva Exp. Poorva Exp reached Varanasi Jn at 5 am, and will reahed Gaya around 9 am.

Recomended time to reached gaya before 3 pm , Why?, because from Gaya , Bodhgaya is 13 km away . And many crime happen in the street between Gaya and Bodhgaya. If you reached Gaya at night time, better if you stay one night and than continued to Bodhgaya in the morning.

From Gaya you can take bus (front of rail station), Rickshaw, or taxi. For taxi you need to bargain , and the price is around 400 Rs - 500 Rs. Just ask them to drop you in front of Mahabodi Temple.

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