Saturday, 11 June 2011

HAMPI - The incredible land

During a visit to this village, only one that I can say, a great civilization has ever lived here. Based on the story that I read, in past Vijayanagar Empire build here,the great and big kingdom. Before finaly war and conflict destroy everything in the end.

Vijayanagar army suffered heavy losses. The capital city was plundered, its population massacred. Treasure hunters ransacked its palaces and temples for months. Kings lost, capital fallen, population fled, Hampi turned into a ghost city. For centuries Hampi remained as a neglected place. This erstwhile metropolitan with more than half a million population slowly turned into a jungle where wild animals roamed freely.

The area came under many kings from time to time with the flow of history. But it was no more considered strategic and hence neglected.

In addition to historical stories hampi also keeps the morphs into mythology. The significant events narrated in the Hindu epic Ramayana when Rama met hanoman and also Place of shiva married with the wife Parvati.

All in all Hampi had been a religious place throughout, where pilgrims from far away places flocked. The rulers of Hampi might have gone with the torrent of time. Hampi’s faiths remain, intact and deep-rooted. And make it become incredible land, which stores the secret of a civilization.

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