Friday, 3 June 2011


Are you confused...? Yes
Do you feel a headache...? Yes
Than welcome to the india railway sytem :)

I use the train service while im india, first is from chennai to bangalore and the second is night train from bangalore to Hampi. Rail system in india is confusing, more than tens of thousands of route options.

Because chennai to bangalore not too much far so i use CC class, i'ts much comfort with AC and not too expensive. Every 30 minute food seller come so dont wory you will be hungry here...the food is saved for belly (my opinion) because i buy much here and im still alive now, too many scared story about food inside the train. But I do not recommend to buy it better if you take some food from home.

For Bangalore to Hampi, i take night train HAMPI EXP, 2 AC sleeper class, cold - quiet - and exteremely comfort. The price is pretty expensive than the other class, but if you want to rest and sleep choose this class :) 2AC.

Some Advice if you wanna travel by the train in india :
1. Make an ID in india railway site
2. Check the train for your destination, compare the price and also departure time.
3. Better take EXPRESS Train ( Shabtadi or Radjani )for safety also spend time.
4. For pay, they accept Master Card.
5. Lock your bag with dog chain.
6. Bring sheets and pillowcases.
7. .... etc etc...

If you still confused about how to book the ticket, call the travel agent or use

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