Saturday, 11 June 2011

Around HAMPI - Place to stay

The easy way to reached HAMPI is by the train, because im start from bangalore city so i use the night train HAMPI EXP, need 10 hours more to reached HAMPI and i getting charge for 2 AC sleeper class around 450 Rs.

The train will stop in HOSPET station around 6 AM, and need to continued by rickshaw or bus to reached HAMPI, for rickshaw need to pay 100 Rs and for the bus just need to pay Rs 20.

HAMPI is 12 km away from HOSPET. If you come in a group, better take rickshaw because bus is so slowly and terrible.

The best place to stay is in a village after river cross. How to go there? when you reached hampi bazaar just walk out go to the river than use boat, every person getting charge 15 - 20 Rs. And remember boat just available from 6 AM till 6.30 PM so dont be late.

SHANTI Guest house, is the one that i pick. Have reasonable for price and the food is delicious. One more, they have great view, rice field and also the HAMPI Rock's behind the room.

Check the website :


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  2. Nice blog :)
    Have been searching for destination of historic importance and came across Hampi. The historic city has so much in store and thanks for sharing about hotels in Hampi. Shanti guest house seems to be a nice option.

  3. thank you for stop by and reading my blog anjali :), yes shanti guest house is quiet place with great view around. Make sure you come to hampi in the perfect season, i think summer time is best there, let me know your hows your experience when you get there :)

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