Tuesday, 21 January 2014

5.30 AM

"Tibetan Women Pray at Dalai Lama Temple - INDIA"

This reminds me of something, that we must not beat ourselves up too much, if we find that we sometimes have to repeat the same dramas or patterns or crises again and again in our lives. Sometimes there is a storyline that we need to keep recreating (even disastrously, perhaps!) until we can work our way through what we needed to learn.

Some of us may have to play out the same unfortunate storyline dozens of times over until we can slowly learn how to maybe not do it that way anymore.

Which can be painful, but what an amazing accomplishment, when we finally GET IT. And then we never have to do it again. (Whatever "it" happens to be. And we all have an "it")

So ride that merry-go-round as many times as you need to..until you finally learn how to safely to step off the thing.

Then forgive yourself, forgive everyone else, and never look back.

21 January 2014, inside tired ambiance
(Inspired by "Dhamma talk with Pema Chodron" ....)


  1. Well said, Mareta... I agree. We must be thankful to all that we face in life, for they help us be a better person tomorrow, for they are our teachers without which we would not have learnt some important lessons in life. I believe in learning and the myriad experiences life rolls out onto us are surely one of the ways to do that. We must always look back at anything - good or bad - in gratitude and never remorse.

  2. You are right Arti, but we are human, sometime we have limitation to accept all pain that come again and again. But yes , our strong belief is power. Everything that happen into our life is kind of bless.

  3. Life has its pains and aches - but we must learn to accept them and carry on with our life's mission.Loved the fabulous picture of the Tibetan woman praying !