Friday, 21 June 2013

My Salutation Prayer for The Mother "GANGA"

"I bow to Mother Earth, who has mountains and jungles on her body and whose clothing is made by the ocean, kindly pardon my incorrect actions done consciously or unconsciously, either through my organs of action (hand, feet, and speech) or through my organs of perception (eyes, ears) or by my mind...."

5.30 AM, 3 weeks ago...

I sat down quietly, with an offering bucket in my hand. I met the "Mother" today. Still misty around, listen the heavy flow of her bring me peaceful atmosphere inside. She look beautiful in her stream, spread the blessing to all the creature from the the top of the God home, Himalayas.

7.00 AM 3 days ago...

Shock, yes, that's the first i feel, when i saw the news about floods that happen in northern India. All the place that i visited damaged cause the "mother" stream, till today around 1000 people die, and more more people still missing and trapped.

Many people thinking, the mother angry, mybe some people even hate her too now,

But I have my belief, the mother never angry, she just cleaned herself and restore balance to the universe that has been destroyed by humans. With pollution mind, pollution environment, garbage, various buildings, and dam.

Can we do more than just worshiping her...?

Let's turn the light and start pray for Ganga..

Dear holy mother, forgive us.... Blessed all there, with your serene nectar..


  1. A very beautiful post, Mareta. It is really disturbing to see all the loss and pain of human lives, it is tragic. I am glad you are safe and back to your place. Here's sending in my prayers too along with yours...

  2. Thank you Arti, yes let's pray the weather will be normal soon, and ganga will back again with peacefuly stream.