Thursday, 13 June 2013

Amritsar - The Rule for Golden Temple Visitor

"You are not traveling in order to prove you live better than others - your search, in fact, is to find out how others live, what they have to teach, how they view reality and the extraordinary things in life..."

Never reject the food, don't try to ignore the customs, never fear with the religion, stop asking something that you see it's feel unlogic , respect the culture and blend with the local people.

That's the secret to be happy traveller :)

I do learn, from all my journey, when you ready to travel mean you ready to lost. Lost your self ego, open your hearts and eyes. Bring what little we can, in our ignorance and knowledge, to those parts of the globe whose riches are differently dispersed.

When you not ready for all that, better stay at home and never be a traveller.

Everyplace have own rule. Like in the Golden Temple Amritsar, they have some strickly rule for visitor, to maintaining the purity of the sacred space.

Upon entering the premises, removing one's shoes (leaving them off for the duration of one's visit) and when you go there,you cannot enter unless you clean your feet (a water trough is available in all the main entrances).

Not drinking alcohol, eating meat, or smoking cigarettes or other drugs while in the shrine

Dressing appropriately, better if you wear like the local and head must be covering , a sign of respect to the Gurdwara. The temple provides head scarves for visitors who have not brought a suitable covering.

Be quiet and not disturb the other pilgrim with your camera. Better take a picture from distance or use tele lens. Photograph not allow inside the Golden Dome.

How to act, One must also sit on the ground while in the Darbar Sahib (Inside the golden dome) as a sign of deference to both the Guru Granth Sahib and God.

I advice you to follow it, or you will get the problem, because there are many Golden Temple Guard walking around :)


  1. What a lovely post Mareta, informing us about the rules to be followed inside the temple :)

    That plate looks like full of 'bhajias'? Did you like it or was it too spicy for your taste buds?

    And I so agree with all that you said in the beginning of the post, travel is all about opening your world to a whole new one out there waiting to be explored and discovered by us.

    1. Thank you Arti, I'm not sure what is this bhajias or pakora , but it taste good with the chutney and chili sauce (that one i bring by my self from Indonesia). I always order with a cup of hot coffee in my morning, perfect :)

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  3. I found this very helpful thank you very much. i will look forward to putting these rules into practice when i go in the near future .