Sunday, 5 August 2012

Hmong Village

The north of thailand is the famous place where you can found all of the various tribal peoples who migrated from Yunnan, Tibet, or elsewhere in China over the past few centuries. They now inhabit the remote border areas between Thailand, Laos and Burma (Myanmar).

These areas are known for their thick forests and mountainous terrain. Here you can found six tribal etnicity : Akha, Lahu, Karen, Hmong/Miao, Mien/Yao and Lisu, each with a distinct language and culture.

In this time i just have chance to visit The Hmong Tribe Village. Based on history The Hmong are believed to have been the original inhabitants of the Yellow River valley in ancient China. nThe expansion of the neighboring Chinese from the north, caused a disruption in the Hmong culture and forced them to migrate southwards to escape oppression and persecution. Over the centuries, many wars have been waged against the Chinese in which the Hmong would suffer heavy casualties from, being that they were outnumbered.

They live in a hill with a simple home. Working in the agricultural sector and also make a handicraft. That surprised me was to see what plant they have in the field. I saw for the first time in my life "Canabis Sativa" and also "Opium" plant.

Yes, it's still be world controversy about illegal opium and also drug trafficking in the area of Golden Triangle (Thailand, Myamar and Lao). But my guide Nikky say's, not all plant go for illegal drug, some of use it for textile and also craft media. I just curious, how it will be look. We will try buy it later in the traditional market beside.

After looking around, my guide have an idea, to try Hmong cloth. It's very heavy , hot and exhausting. I can't imagine how the people here wear it everyday :)

Tribal place is always be my fav destination. You know why...?. Because I love the colour. And just in tribal comunity i can found how the colour of everything is mix without a limitation of match like in mode rule.

If i have chance, someday.. i want to visit all tribal people in the Golden Triangle. Just to try the cloth they have.


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