Saturday, 4 August 2012

An Gratitude

Yesterday, God slapped me really hard. After a day I complain for what I have now, always felt less and not enough with everything.

Two moment, that i found accidentaly while walking home. It's realy hurt my eyes. First small chidren sitting in the middle of a pile of garbage, trash digging and scraping and eating part of garbage from the restaurant beside, look enjoy with the meal.

And than the second i found a pregnant women sleeping on piles of boxes near the street, in the middle of night waiting for her husband finished work sweeping the garbage on the streets, the belly realy big and she look peacefuly sleep.

It's like God asking me..., "See, you still want more..."?

Huffh okay, I forgot, what I have now is more than enough for me, although compared to the others is still less even poor. But life is not to compare right..? because every person has the blessing and happiness in their own.

And im looking around,

Now, what more I can ask for...?

Nothing, i just need an gratitude..

1 comment:

  1. What a touching post Mareta. It teaches us to be happy with whatever we have. That is the true essence of happiness, is it not?
    Have a beautiful day :)