Saturday, 4 February 2012

Tibetan Refugee Market Bodhgaya

It's around 8 am when im walk out from my hotel, today the big plan is get good breakfast meal. As my experience not many good restaurant in Bodhgaya. The best one is Thailand Resto, Siam Thai.

My eyes catch interesting view near the street, a row of stone with the amazing colour. I stop by for a while and looking,one friendly women come and greets me. Her name is Phuntsok Dolma, she is one of tibetan refugee that stay in "Ladakh" the north india area.

Every winter time, around October - December, she with all the family and other tibetan refugee, come down to the Bodhgaya to sale some tibetan stuff.

Because "Tibet" is in my dream destination list,than i continued talking with Ms Phuntsok. I say Im admire your land. She say's you are lucky , you have chance to visit my home. Not like me. I ask why? She asnwer, We are the rebels, if we back , China goverment will put us to the jail or mybe we will be killed.

Heh? I ask, when the last time you visit your Land? , She answer.. Never. How? We are the third generation of the refugee , we born and growth in india, we just see our land from the TV.

Ohhh, So you are india citizen? Yes we are india based on citizen, but our blood is still Tibetan.

Are you miss your land.. ? Of course we miss, but what can we do, mybe in the next reincarnation we have chance to born in Tibet.

"She was silent for a moment and start a morning pray"

While im busy select all , she explain one by one the stuff that she sale, the meaning of the symbol and also why we should wear it. So i bought some prayer bracelet - Ring prayer and also some of tibetan stone jewelry.

The price is little bit expensive, but as my rule in shooping, Price is not important if we can help support the the local economic directly hand by hand, not by the capitalist market system. Than i will be home with the happy feeling.

I cant't imagine if i born as a refugee, hope world change (someday) , and earth will be safest place for everybody.

In the end, Ms. Phuntsok treat me a cup of india tea, and give her email and home address in Ladakh and say's, see you there.


  1. Troubling but excellent post. I must research to get a better understanding of the conflict between Tibet and China. I have a dream to visit Tibet one day.

    Nice photo of you and Trisa, and I like the jewelry!

  2. Thanks for the nice page, I would like to mention that she is my sister n i was really happy to notice many of the foreigner are interested n concern abt tibet issue.i really appreciated for the support.thank u
    .One thing i would like to add is we all tibetan are refugee in india n but doesnt carry indian citizenship.
    thank u indian govt for given us a second home.FREE TIBET(bhoe gyalo)thank u

  3. Hey Tenzin, yes i will give pray for all refugee all around the world, hope soon all tibetan will get peacefuly life like long long time ago :)

    Send my greet to your sister, im promise i will visit ladakh and met all refugee there someday ..

    Bhoe gyalo !