Monday, 30 January 2012

Ganesha at Bodhgaya

He sit under the Bodhi Tree, inside the Mahabodhi Temple, with all his family around.. Shiva, Rama and Hanuman. It's interesting view . Why?. Because Mahabodhi temple is big pilgrim place for buddhist, but you can still found many stone of Hindu God.

Not far from there, a group of buddhist monks chant mantra and meditate.

They let Hindu God have a space there. It's because of history behind. Mahabodhi Temple build by Hindu King, Ashoka. Before he convert to be Buddha follower. This is a sign of respect for a journey of faith.

For me it's Beautifuly look.

What do you think..?,

Are you will abble, to give some space and let the other God stand on your own religion area?.


  1. Ashok was a Hindu who adopted Buddhism after the war of Kalinga.
    This is real beautiful, how we make way for each other in India:)

    1. Thats's why i can say if your country is amazing, where the different thing can live together in same space :)

    2. Live in Harmony :) and Live in peace :) That's what the Buddha Teaching :)