Sunday, 12 February 2012

Sudder Street - Kolkata

I will tell you the story, how I can reached and stay 2 day off in this area.

My first plan was good, have a booking hotel paper in one of “decent” hotel around parkstreet. I ask the taxi driver to take me there. But I was shock when I see the hotel that totally different with the website. Look like the haunted apartment than a friendly hotel like write on that website. Im not want to say which hotel it is, but if you need to know , ask me personaly.

So I canceled to stay in this place and move to other place. Honeshtly im not want to go to Sudder Street first because I read this area is tourist place, dirty and not friendly area for women.

But what can i do, I don’t have any option where area that have much hotel in Kolkata.Im very Tired and Sick, and Sudder Street just 100 meter away from the place i stand now. So I decide to go to Sudder Street. Walk and check one by one a hotel. And what can I say is, difficult to get good hotel with good price.

Many cheap hotel there, but the condition look bad. And I remember what I read in lonely planet if stay away from the cheap hotel there because many bad crime story.

After 30 minute walking, finaly I found the good one, at least from all the worst choice.

PS: To Reached Park Street/ Sudder Stret from Sealdah Train Station we can use pre paid taxi, it's the yellow one, the locket of prepaid taxi is the front of station, you will get charge around 100 Rs.

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