Saturday, 11 February 2012

Kolkata - The City of Joy....?

Realy I don’t have any idea inside my brain what I will do when I reached this city in the morning. I just try to figure out what my perspektif thinking after I read a lot of novel words from Dominique Lapierre “City Of Joy”. And also some point that I read In my novel collection. Believe or not mostly author of the book in india is come from this area, Bengali Ancient, and I’ve prove it.

The famous one is Rabindranath Tagore, the author of the national anthems of both India and Bangladesh and a thousand philosophy literature and also a poetry.

Mybe because the condition of Bengal area that ruin by British colonization in past, make The Bengal region is renowned for its rich literary and cultural heritage as well as its immense contribution to the socio-cultural uplift of Indian society in the form of the Bengal Renaissance, and revolutionary activities during the Indian independence movement.

It is very contrast when we just know Kolkata as a famous city with the Slum, separation of the wealthy from the poor, separation of the different levels of poverty, caste divisions, and the differences of the many religions. This is what people say’s about Kolkata.

I just 45 minute sit inside my taxi , i got stuck on the traffic, my brain blend with the noisy honking. I look around, this city is look very old, enough wise i think for the people here still hold on to the belief that life is precious and worth living.

Welcome to the City of Joy ...

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