Monday, 5 December 2011

The Ganesha Vastu

When I start roam around Varanasi, I found many interesting and unique view of india home building. Especialy about, how they build the doors. Like in many cultures around the world, in India, doors and thresholds have deep spiritual and symbolic meaning.

It’s the transition between one space and another - between the dust and grime of the streets and the purity and cleanliness of home, the outer world and the inner sanctuary.

In Vastu doctrine, thresholds and doorways play an important dual role: allowing positive energy (prana) into a space while keeping negative energy at bay. Linking the thresholds, at the core of the home, are hallways, which distribute incoming prana throughout the rest of the house. The most significant threshold in any property is the front door. The front door is the main point of contraflow for incoming and outgoing energies and in Hindu symbolism the front door equates with one’s mouth.

Yes, some of india community still follow the Vastu rule. Vastu is "science of construction", "architecture" based on ancient doctrine which consists of precepts born out of a traditional and archaic view on how the laws of nature affect human dwellings.

One of the important rule is decorate their front door to attract good fortune. Like paint Ganesha , Lakshmi , Swastika, Aum etc. In my picture all the door shows “Ganesha” picture (click the picture to make it inlarge). Ganesha should be installed on the top of the entrance of the house to deflect all negative energies and to remove the Vastu defects of wrong position of the entrance.

Yes, Ganesha is a symbol of prosperity and profound knowledge and is believed to be destroyer of all obstacles which come in our way in our undertakings.

If you are interest draw a ganesha picture on top of the entrance of your home, one thing that you must remember from Vastu rule do not install Ganesha with the trunk to His right and yes make it with oranges/red colour because beside it's holy colour for ganesha, also give a fancy look :)


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