Saturday, 10 December 2011

The Sadhu - साधु

Sadhu is someone who have chosen to live a life apart from or on the edges of society in order to focus on their own spiritual practice.

Sādhus often wear ochre-colored clothing, symbolizing their sanyāsa (renunciation).

For a person to become sadhu needs viragya. Viragya means desire to achieve something by leaving (cutting the attachments with family and society) the world (earthly attachements).

There are two primary sectarian divisions within the sadhu community: Shaiva sadhus, ascetics devoted to the God Shiva, and Vaishnava sadhus, renouncers devoted to the God Vishnu and/or his incarnations, which include Rama and Krishna

All sadhus have a common goal : Nirvana, moksha no rebirth again.

A milion Sadhu in india, how to know they are real or fake ..?

Real sadhu mostly focust with his spiritual activity, they dont interesting with you or your money.They just quietly and did worship. They will give you free blessing without ask how much money you must give.

I have another story about fake sadhu in Varanasi. I met him while im walk after ganga arti. He wear interesting cloth and attract my attention. He smile and say's picture picture, 50 Rs. I come to him take a picture and give him 50 Rs.

Why i do that?, just because my emphaty sense. It's around 9.30 pm, he stand with the smile in the middle of rush street with the heavy custom and complete make up in his face. Even i know he is fake sadhu but from all that he do, it's not easy job right?

With 50 Rs, he deserve to get a cup of hot chai for his long day :)

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