Saturday, 31 December 2011

Varanasi Market

If you like everything about hindusm , this market will be a heaven. Why..? 87% area here sale religious stuff.

Like God and Goddes stone, prayer bell, joy stick, mantra cover, rudraks etc.

One that you can't miss to buy from Varanasi is Saree. Yes, Varanasi is the famous place to buy best quality saree with the cheap price.

The secret to shoop here is Bargain , bargain and bargain. If they know you are foreigner they will give very bad price. For example, if they give you 400 Rs for some stuff you like, ask for 100 Rs, if they say no, just move and try another store.

It took patience if the shop here, because all sellers will come to you forcing you to buy, and will be followed you wherever you are even you say no, no, and no a hundred time.

Close your ear, do not care about them , try not to angry even if they yell to you.
It's india style market, noisy and annoying.


  1. You described the market scene perfectly.. If you really want to enjoy, you need to turn a deaf ear to the shopkeepers and listen just to yourself while shopping. Beautiful captures :)

  2. I'm not Hindu, but based on your photos and descriptions, I would enjoy spending a few hours and lots of $$$ at this market.