Friday, 30 December 2011

2nd night at Ganga Aarti

This day, I'm trying to enjoy the experience night in ganga. For looking ganga aarti from different sides.

I walk down and take a boat, for 45 minute night ganga aarti you need pay for boat 150 Rs. If you want get good position in the river, you must come early. Because after 6 pm, many boats jockeying each other to get places, where the tourist can get a nice view. For the front space you need to pay more expensive. I just think in this pure place still many people try to steal money and get advantage in the name of Goddes Ganga. Ya it's world :)

Usualy after the ganga aarti end, people will burn the light and give to the River. This is a symbol for a wish, for a hope and for a offering.

I try to make some conclusion. The River was a human life story, with the light that lit up on it, hopefully the flow will be easy to achieve the goal and destination.

I burn my light, I start pray, for my self, for my family, for a birthday wish, and for all ...


  1. This is so serene..... Just no words for this beauty..

  2. As usual arti no words can describe this city :)