Wednesday, 17 August 2011

17 August 1945 - 17 August 2011

66 years going...

----Poverty.Disaster.Corruption.Socialconflict.EthnicDiscrimination.Environmental destruction.EconomicOppresion.MigrantWorkerProblem.ChronicUnemployment----

Longlife INDONESIA, im proud to be your citizen.


  1. Somebody long back taught me that we should not only at look at the negative sides of an issue.إ
    You have listed some of the problems that facing my beloved Indonesia,but there is many positive things in Indonesia including: Growing democracy(a nation can not become democratic overnight),Natural resources,freedom of speech,You are citizen of this great countries and I`m sure if you look at positive things in Indonesia you can fill many pages.

    God bless you,and Selamat Puasa Ramadan.

  2. Happy Independence Day! I wish the best for you and your wonderful country. Let freedom reign!