Tuesday, 16 August 2011

Loro Blonyo

When you visit Java area mybe you will found the wonderfull and mystic sculptured of central java called “loro blonyo’ which can be translated as “inseparable couple”

For the modern javenese community, they just know about the myth and beliefe of loro blonyo,. This pair statue will bring the harmony energy if we put it in the house of new bridegroom. But behind this, Loro Blonyo kept many spiritual belief story of Javanese ancient.

The women symbol of loro blonyo representing the goddess Sri, Sri was the goddess of fertility ans protectress of rice fields, hence a deity of great importance. She was clearly an adaptation of the Indian goddess Sri Devi, the female form of Vishnu and goddess of prosperity, fertility and beauty.
In this process of change the consort Sadono was added, apparently for no other purpose than to provide companionship for Sri, at least so far as the protection of rice fields was concerned; but his importance in the Javanese mind is suggested by the fact that Sri was never seen alone

Bowls, platters and lamps were placed about the goddess and her consort for their comfort. They would have held water, food, and sirih pinang/ betel nut, The oil lamp in the center was kept lit at all times.

Loro Blonyo is the Javanese words of “two become one”. Devi Sri and God Sadono are very much worshipped by Javanese rural community especially by the farmer. Traditional Javanese farmer feel very much attached to Devi Sri, as they called her “mother Sri”. The farmer believes that their crop is the gift of kindness from the Devi.

Before muslim, Christian and also the other religion come, java community look very feminine in spiritual belief, manifest earth power as a mother. Very wise and prudent.

PS : The picture is loro blonyo from my family collection.

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  1. Excellent post Mareta. I really like when I make a connection with something from another culture. I have what is the equivalent of an African Loro Blonyo that I inherited from my older sister when she died. There is a similar significance also.