Sunday, 26 June 2011

Nandi Temple Bangalore

Who is NANDI...?

NANDI is the bull which serves as the mount (Sanskrit: vāhana) of Shiva and as the gate keeper of Shiva and Parvati in Hindu mythology.

All hindu followe believe : It is important to seek the blessings of Nandi before proceeding to worship Lord Shiva.

The story about NANDI?

In one puranic story, it is stated that once Siva and Parvathi were playing a game of dice. For any game there has to be an umpire, who has to declare who is the winner. Siva and Parvathi agreed to have Nandi (the divine bull) as the umpire.

Nandi is a favorite of Siva, as he is Siva's vehicle. Although Siva lost the game, Nandi declared him the winner. It is stated that Parvathi was indignant over Nandis partiality for Siva and cursed him that he should die from an incurable disease.

There upon Nandi fell at the feet of Parvathi and pleaded for forgiveness.

"Mother forgive me. Should I not show at least this amount of gratitude to one who is my master?

Is it not humiliating for me to declare that my master has lost the game?

To uphold his honor I no doubt uttered a lie. But am I to be punished with such severity for so small an offence?"

Nandi prayed for forgiveness in this manner. Parvathi forgave Nandi and taught him the means to atone for his lapse.

She told him. "The Chaturdasi day in the month of Bhadrapada is the day when my son's birthday is celebrated. On that day you have to offer to my son what pleases you most (green grass)".

This means that one atones for one's sins when one offers to the Lord what is most pleasing and enjoyable to him. For Nandi the most enjoyable and relishing food is green grass. As directed by Parvathi Nandi worshipped Ganapathi by offering green grass. Nandi was then relieved of his dreaded disease. His health improved and by the grace of Parvathi he was redeemed.

NANDI Temple in Bangalore is very diferent, open almost a day, not have visiting hour, and you free to take any pic inside. But the priest will ask you for some donation.

Look at my pic, i think the priest more interested looking inside my bag better than give me blessing ha ha. But at all he is nice priest, talk much with me about my country INDONESIA.

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  1. Excellent parable about Nandi! Give to God what you value most is a wonderful lesson, a universal understanding.

    Thank you so much Mareta.

    By the way, that is a very nice photo of you.