Friday, 24 June 2011

Around Bangalore city - Lalbagh Park

I think this is just ordinary garden, a place where couples meet, not too interesting for me, i just walk around almost one hour.

Suddenly a little girl came to me, says "Aunty aunty" i just smile i touch her hand, i see a big muslim family with her, black burqa and muslim cloth. When i continued walk, she call me, than she give me a lot of frangipani flower, for beautifuly aunty the mom says.

I was very surprised, they are very friendly. Than i start shake hand with all family and talk with them. The grandmother stand up, pair the flower into my hair, i don't know what they think about me.

Before leave, i give the little girl a big hug, and some muslim greetings words for all family. And after ..Lalbagh become a very special place for me.