Friday, 17 June 2011

Met Lakshmi

Her name is Lakshmi (unlike the name that a symbol of fortune and prosperity in hindusm ), her life is very unpleasant (from my opinion).

When in work, usualy the elephant getting face paint, to make it look spiritual, with a lot of hindusm symbol like aum, vishnu symbol or shiva symbol.

Why? ,In the name of spiritual path, a cute elephant must stay and work everyday from 9 am to 5 pm give a blessing at the temple visitors.

It's the work place.

I think It’s dumb, because from what i see, this is no more like a sad circus. The temple Visitors come, give the money to the elephant trunk than the elephant bless you with a softly touch in your head than you smile happy than four people behind her waiting with a long stick, mean if elephant give a free bless to visitor without giving money she will get hit hard.

Lakshmi taking a bath on the river, mybe its the best moment that she always wait everyday.

I see with my eyes, when I try to touch her, and she give the trunk, im not ask for bless, I just wanna touch her, in a minute she getting hit and I hear how laksmi scream, extremely sad. So to stop it, I give money to her.

Look the man!, he keep long stick with sharp metal on.

Im confused, the priest say’s, come come holy lakshmi will bless you…What the hell with holy, you (all that use elephant in temple for stupid circus) where is your brain? exploit the god creature inside the God home!

From the hindusm history that I read, elephant represents one of the faith’s most important Gods--Lord Ganesh. It’s why they uses elephant to attract the visitors to come.

For you, all ganesha follower in india, are you sure let your God live in cramped cages with feet chained?. Work over everyday just to give you stupid bless?
And for you , all traveler in india, Let be a compassionate traveler! a journey without having to exploit the creatures is more fun !!

Note : All the picture is taken on Virupakhsa temple HAMPI India.


  1. beautiful creature should not be get the violance treatment like that :)

  2. #saveelephant like a #saveshark