Tuesday, 21 June 2011

India is a heaven for Vegetarian

Unlike in another country, easily you find vegetarian food. Yay it's like heaven for me, do not need the headache only to find food.

I tried all the place, from the recomended one in lonely planet to street food that must eat under the tree, with rickshaw smoke flavoring and a car horn..honk honk .

As long i stay there, my opinion is ..the india food delicious but just for 10 day ( i eat 3 times a day ), after that, my tongue miss so much chinese noddle , vegetable soup and also "nasi padang" (kind of indonesia traditionaly food).

मैं आप भारत से प्यार है-Ah i love india, but i love indonesia more :)

1 comment:

  1. Haha@I love Indonesia more. I am not surprised :-)

    I would love to eat 95-100% as a vegetarian, but there are not vegetarian restaurants in my neighborhood, and only one Indian place. The photos on this post have made me very hungry for some delicious Indian food, so I think I will order a complete vegetarian meal tonight.

    Nice post!