Sunday, 12 June 2011

Around HAMPI - Afternoon time!

Afternoon is the perfect time to go to market, shooping , take a picture or just sit and watch the local people busy with their activity.

Nah, today i decide to visit ganesha temple, just 10 minute walking from the market. Met the big ganesha stone that crave on the wall.

Than continued looking a old mosque (Ahmed Khans Mosque & Tomb), yes beside hindusm and also jainism, the stone says muslim story also have lived here.

Try to buy the local snack, a bunch of fried nut from the old women (its better than you give money for begging children there)

Or go to cut your hair in india saloon? (not recomended )

Try the henna paint in your hand (40 Rs per hand)...

Or visited the local home and take all the ancient picture hanging on wall? (permit is needed !, because ancient pic is sacred thing)

1 comment:

  1. If you don't know already, you definitely have an alternate career as a photographer! (smiles)

    I like them all but I really like the one of you in front of the temple (perfect angle), and I like the hand henna print because one of my colleague was recently on vacation in the Caribbean Islands and met a woman from India who did henna print on her hand. It looks beautiful like your photo!