Sunday, 8 May 2011

The India Holy String

Nearly 70% percent of india people a cross the world wear these , I call it the holy string. They tied in body, hand and neck. All wear it from baby to old age.
Oranges, Red, White, Black ….many different colour with each different meaning. They believe this string will change life, protect from devil power,give happiness and keep the life on good way.

If you want it, you can go to the temple, holy church or other spiritual place. Go inside and ask for the holy string, the guru will give and bless the tail with the mantra, and you ready to wear it.

I started wearing three years ago, a red holy string. It come from some ganesha temple in india. I choose red because in mythology red denotes bravery, protection and strength. Red truly remains the core symbol of power and spirituality, of protection and commitment. It is a color that has not faded the trials of time and stands alone as the most powerful.

I don’t know are the power of my holy string work or not after 3 years I use it in my hand. String just string, the important is how our beliefs and hope walk in harmony, creating great suggestion that our lives will always bring good karma.

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  1. excellent nice to see ur notes in blog i like it kusum