Tuesday, 10 May 2011

God also have visiting hours!

If you travel to india, there is always two words, lucky or unlucky :) , and this time i was not lucky because do not know the hour to visit the god..

Around 1 pm, all is closed, just can see from outside, arhghhh milion miles im fly just to wanna met You (GANESHA). I wondered why there should be have visiting hour?. God tired bless everytime? Mybe he need take a nap for while?

I think no, because when i see the ganesha face inside the lock door, he was always ready to give me bless. Mybe the priest make this rule, so they can breathe for a moment from all spiritual activity.

I just have lil advice, too many priest around, how if they made alternately schedule, so one by one, they have shift to help god give bless, surely there will not be disappointed followers (like me) and temple will be open 24 hour..

Note : All Hindu Temple have hour -- open is from 09.00 am till 12.00 -- closed than --open again 04.00 pm till 09.00 pm--...

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