Friday, 18 June 2010

Shinta - Sita (सीता)

Shinta-sita is the wife of Rama, the seventh avatāra of Vishnu in the Hindu tradition, Based on ramayana story, She is esteemed as the standard setter for wifely and womanly virtues for all Hindu women.

Why? Too long reason, I think im one women that not too agree with this part of epics story Ramayana. You will know ?

I will tell you. Rama and Shinta is a couple, but something happen, the evil character RAHWANA-Ravana kidnap sintha-sita from her stupid husband Rama, from several battles, Rama success to retake shinta-sita again and defeating Ravana kingdom.

Its sad story because, after Rama win the battle , he not come to take back again Shinta. He ask assistan hanuman / anoman to go and take Shinta back, make Shinta very disappointed. I know how Shinta feel, when some evil hurt her I think she need her husband to support, but the fact? Rama just need pride of battle and forget the essence why he start the battle. Its man ambition.

Than Shinta agree back to rama even by hanuman hands, Second sad story again. After wake up from scared dream , she get the bad dream again. The husband Rama doubt about the Shinta pureness. Rama think long time Shinta stay with the evil. Damn..!!!!!

Shinta lost words , she confused how she explain to rama, so without thinking she says, I will burn my self, if im burn im lier and not pure, but if the fire cant burn my body and soul so im still pure and rahwana never touch me even a millimeter.

Shinta jump in to the fire. And miracle happen, agni the god fire help her, and shinta still alive, fire cant bur her body.

Shinta saved and the stupid husband Rama accept her again but Shinta always get bad dream in long life. Because after rama not believe, now all people in kingdom say not believe with Shinta pureness. Oh Damn, Shinta hurt again, rama ask her to go out and stay in forest, isolation area. And Rama never know when Shinta go, she pregnant Rama child.

Even sad, she walk and some guru-sadhu help her, give home and place to stay….and continued with many sad story again about Shinta life. And I will become too sad if continued this story.

Shinta is rigid , brave and loyal women type, I like what she do, but I think she choose wrong husband, For me Rama is not match with Shinta. Because good women for good man. Are rama good man? The answer is no.

I proud with the evil rahwana because he still keep shinta pure even he can do anything.Yes in epic story, women always in second place. Lost and hurt.

Are you agree with me?

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