Friday, 18 June 2010

Myths, mystics, believes and wisdoms

Not many people wanna fight to keep old traditions still alive, Entang Sutisna , 62 years old. He works with his hands to make a traditional puppet. Start with a sweet potatoes Entang makes a simple puppet and first puppet he sels for 1000 rupiahs price.

Entang says , puppet is great way to teach new generation about wisdom. Even the story is very old, but still have conection with modern life. Mahabrata and Ramayana it’s the favourite entang story.

Every puppet has a distinct character he says. It’s a rule. And all the puppet makers must follow it. From color, cloth and face Engraving, we know how the puppet character build.

Maybe for people that don’t know more about puppet myths, puppet just puppet, silent and inanimate object. But for entang and more people that believes, puppet is teacher of life. Every character , every story is a symbol that has taught with wisdom. And it’s an important lesson to be good humans.

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