Monday, 14 June 2010

Purification (विशुद् - Vishuddha)

When humans are born, they believe, that body and soul in pure condition. Not have desire, passion and prejudice. But as we grow, many bad influences circum-gyrate.

If we can imagine, it’s like a circle / Mandala (मण्डल), and humans are the center of the circle. To strong the circle rotates, and gives the power to the center. Its why if a human can’t keep the pureness they will easy get infected from circles rotation.

Humans are unclean in the body, soul and mind. In some religion they have about some activity to clean all humans from impurity. They call purification. There are many ways to do purification.

Baptism in Christianity, A mikvah in Judaism, wudu and ghusl in Islam, achamana in Hinduism, Misogi in Shinto and more and more. All human believe when they do these rituals they can again be in a pure condition.

Because, it’s easy to do, some people only misuse this purification ritual. They do not see the essence of its main purpose. Some just look like stupid, they think about the ritual and never get of the real purpose of purification. Make a debate about the correct procedure, and wrong in ritual for the purificitation process.

For me the most important is, take the deeply meaning of the purification. Try to walk into the center of purification layer. It’s not just the activity to clean the human body soul and mind but, Purification is about how we can keep balanced in life, open the third eye to anything positive, remembrance of God and the origins of one’s self.

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  1. Purification or Vishuddhi is every humans ultimate dream, you have touched upon very sensible subject. Also, reminding everyone on the earth to follow some or the other process as prescribed in religious books.