Tuesday, 22 June 2010

It’s Sunday, Are you there God?

The door is open, you dont need to knock and take a queue number. God will be available today. Its Sunday, Gods day …its true?

When I walk through the front of the church and come inside (usually I do it in work day), I see very silent view, God just sits alone, waiting on who will come . Hear God says ohhhhhhh where are my followers?. Busy? or not have much time to see me? there is only one special day for me ? Sunday ?

I just can say, poor....

We know that usually God is an active object, supreme power, causa prima, the decider of everything. Dont need any help or wait any time. What God says, it will be happen.
But, No , I think God is passive object. Why? Because The existence of God depends how followers will decide. We can try to see the prayer time or the religion day celebrate. What followers make God will accept. But not sure God will accept or not because wrong or right in people hands.

So who is God? Its people? That try to make in-animate and transcendent object?. And what then is the purpose? To make people live in a utopia?. And then what else?

We never know…because religion is always uncertain....

(jesus pic in THE HOLY ROSARY CHURCH Thailand)

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