Thursday, 24 June 2010

Equanimity - Upekkhā (उपेक्षा)

Tranquility, calmness, absence of passion, emancipation from all the illusions of existence; the fifth of the eight bhava-pushpas (flowers of being) of Buddhism: self-restraint, charity, impersonal affection, veracity, meditation, patience, resignation, and selfless devotion. Through the practice of the eight flowers, sama secures the conquest and final delivery from all kinds of mental and psychological agitation.

Human body its like a world sytem that have major axis to regulate all. Heart. Heart not just the place to control blood flow, but its imaginary object that have strong power to arranged human life.

Imagine heart like the storage, save and remember anything that happened. By blood all memory sent to the entire body. Time after time, mybe the memory will over load and will settle in the bone marrow. Petrified and frozen. That's why humans can not forget revenge.

Revenge, have a great power. When the brain trying to remember, first and could be seen was the revenge. Why? Because the power of revenge send a strong impulse to blood pressure helps the brain remember quickly. The problem is, if its usually happen would become a nightmare of human.

To prevent it its all, human need a Equanimity. Why..?. Equanimity make a human soul and mind in a stable condition. If human stable te blood will flow dynamic. Brain will control blood to just taking the good and discard the bad and send to the human storage.

How to get Equanimity? Do not save rage, always think positive, play with kindness and one again , When human only remember the good, They will gain perfect happiness

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