Wednesday, 5 May 2010

Reincarnation - Punarjanma (पुनर्जन्म)

I believe in a past life I’m a big India elephant. Maybe you are confused, why an elephant and why from India. Okay, first I will tell you about a big process that became my big confidence, REINCARNATION.

Life is like a circle, it rotates from past to future. Always having a connection, no person is able to stop this because it’s a natural process. From the past my soul has been available in other body’s, and after the my death my soul will be born again in another body

We can’t choose how we will be born in the future, because it is decided on how we live our life today. Depending on the bad things or good things we do. Will give us the proper reincarnation we deserve. It’s the great power from nature.

There are some people that take great pride in this concept… the push to make a perfect reincarnation with a race to do good things. In this case, I think the reincarnation concept gives a good impact for improved behavior.

But little by little, this concept begins to become old and illogical. Do you know why? Because humans just think about material possessions. They do not believe that the soul, body and mind have a connection from the past to the future. The modern community thinks that humans are independent.

Because this reason. Humans think they do not have a responsibility to do good things for keeping safe their future. They just think individually and how to seek immense profit and make mischief on earth.

But once again….nature never sleeps. Nature will tell the truth. And how nature provides justice is through reincarnation.

I was an elephant…and I’m happy have been an elephant life in my past life. Now I’m human, and I will to do good things so I can get a good reincarnation in the future. Maybe god sends me into heaven (if it’s available) but everything that happens in the future, I just hope can be good things all around me…maybe I can be a cow to help farmers. Maybe I can be the sun to warm the earth or I can be God to save the world….

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  1. Have you ever seen Mango seed give banana fruit?
    Like wise Human soul will never get animal body.
    When person die he gets same human body only in future birth.
    But usually we say 'if you do not do good karma (work)you will get dog birth or donkey birth'.
    This is not possible.
    If the human do not do good karma in next birth you get a such circumstances or birth which is equal to animal like donkey.

    This is the law of Karma or Karma Philosophy.

    But this is good article,this kind of philosophy will come who has a sound knowledge. KEEP IT UP.