Thursday, 29 April 2010

Omnipotent Omniscient - (sarva-samartha sarva-gya) सर्व समर् सर्वग्य

I get these words from a Hindu holy book. This book talks about a great power that has omnipotent and omniscient nature. I’m curious, who has the power? Is it God? Yes, its difficult work to explain about God definition in words. All holy books just say that God is cause prima that not born and eternal. Many religion followers never ask how God history begins.
It’s taboo; to ask a supreme power wellborn. Because if u enter the religion door, first rule is believe, believe and believe, what the dogma says, or the fire of hell will burn you. This is the history of a trust begins, and happen till now.
From the process Religion builds a new authority form. It’s not about believing or not believing but the obligation to believe what a history on authority created. And in fact, a religion follower just busy with how to implementation an authority says and leave divinity values.
And the big impact for human relations is conflict clash. Conflict that is used in a religions name, to impose its authority’s values. The condition became increasingly blurred. Attacking everything to gain absolute power.
Unwittingly, God…..dead, God….lost… his own followers

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