Tuesday, 27 April 2010

@ symbol

Indonesia lives under a symbol. Many symbols with multi interpretation exist. In a culture, religion etc. It’s amazing...looks empty ...but you can get many philosophic values if u try to learn.
I think symbol tradition since exist when Indonesia people believe about animism and dynamism religions. They have difficulties to interoperate the meaning of life so they use everything to explain it. Animals, trees, colors etc.
A symbol makes easy all parts of life. We do not have a large language. It’s why Indonesian people have a silent culture in interaction with the other. They do not talk much. They say by symbol.
Every time symbols are made, every minute symbol gives from unity of communal culture. Its looks like a fixed value. So the other places have different symbols with different meanings too. By the process symbols look like authority price. They have a power to arranged how a person in communal to think and do in their life.
A symbol is handed down by generation to generation. It’s why we can look at old symbol still exist in a new era. But now we just can look the silhouette of symbol. Because the symbols just look as symbols. Like stone just look as stone. Tree just look as tree. And color just look as color.
In a philosophy, symbols have a meaning more than it seems. Why is it happening in new era…???. Because when the process of regeneration some side is missing. Learn just in outside appearance but not look interpretation from the deep meaning of a symbol.
The big wrong is a learn method. Why…?? We just learn about the history of a symbol but we forget why the symbol is made and why the symbol is chosen. A side is lost. It gives a bad impact for the new generations.
They look a symbol just quaintness, not suitable for a modern life. And no a big problem if we leave it and forget that symbol ever existed. So u can look around now. How strong a symbol gives impact? The answer is nothing.
I just think, if the condition still does every time. Maybe we can be a poor generation. Lost the soul and can’t have strong mind to continue life……

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