Monday, 26 April 2010

When the culture kill a women

Culture is the highest value in society, religion, and human relations that make groups and give big influences to all sides of life. Culture is created when the authority says that some “customs” will be valid for all or part of people that live in a community.
In all areas we know that authority exist in mans hands. Because they have emense power to make decisions. And women fall into the second position. Its why all cultures are just concerned with a men. leaving a woman as an object in the community that must depend on mans interest.
And it has been this way since a long long time ago. Women have not had choice to change this condition. They suffer and stand in this authority. They will get serious punishment when they try to leave it. It’s why many women still live under culture attack and silent, not fighting against it to get better conditions.
So this condition gets well known. And time after time, its looks like an old tradition. And all unwilling to leave it. Without logic to the real fact. Just strong limitations. In many places They do not have opportunities to make progress in their own life. All their life arranged by culture.
They know, if they still accept all the illogical value they will head in the direction of destruction. But they do not have enough power to change it. Why? Because many women live with bad quality of education. They do not know how to change this condition.
How long many women still live in this area. Killing and No independence as a humans???
There needs to be a big social revolution. To refresh all systems and make a new form of brain storming. Replace old values with new values that care about the women’s lives.

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