Thursday, 22 April 2010

Destiny - दैवम्

When the process of life begins, humans have the opportunity to make their own destiny. Destiny walks side by side with you...minute by minute hour by hour…. Like an oak tree, destiny is the unbreakable unity between leaf and root….that is connected with the base and branches.
Destiny takes time to completely process. Soul, mind and heart work together. Making a systematical life. What we may do …and what we will get; and vice-versa. Do good things you will receive good things. Do bad things you will receive bad things.
Many say destiny is the secret of nature. You never know. When they will start and when they will end. But in fact you can have the answer of it. Just try to clear your mind so you can look at what the destiny that you want to get.
Destiny is eternal. It has a lot of wonderful things, if we learn how to manage it. It will never be easy, but it will never be too difficult… depending on your good intentions and if you are truly sincere

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