Thursday, 22 April 2010

Earth - Prithvi पृथ्वी

Earth; the big place for human to weave stories. Start with some ordinary side and develop be a complicated side. Time after time humans use their intelligence to change the world. They just give high value with large scale development.

Humans forget and leave the simplicity. They think just about the material. And forget the local wisdom. They make a new standard of life. This situation continues. Unconsciously, humans create their own destruction. Starting with some little attack, and continue with serious damage.

When nature speaks, humans will know that for a long time they make big mistakes. Disasters happen in all sides of the world. Never make a choice. Always provide a balance of cause and effect.
Can this situation can be stopped…..??
Depends, how severe the damage that we make. Just wait, and keep remaining well. Try to use and return to local wisdom. Think ordinary and make a relationship with nature. Try to hear what nature says. Because nature always tells the truth.

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