Thursday, 22 April 2010

God stuff

In a religious place, every community uses a religion to interoperate features of God. They sing a mantra and pray with regular time. Many believe that, mantra and prayer is one way to make a deep relationship with God.
Words by words they pray, all about how to praise that God is the bigger power in the world. Just the one thing. Exist and unrepleaceable. But the interesting thing is when every religion has different ways to describe face of God.
Many mediums are used. Stone, woods, copper etc. Unique. Many people that work to make a god face need high feeling of spirituality. Because to make a unique type of God, a person must have a great imagination.
Time after time, many people learn to make a god manifestation. Not just person that has spiritual authority. Metamorphose, from spirituality to art. Creativity touch, every person has their own style to make a new God face. Not limited, thinking free. Out from the rules. Now we can look how complex this is. Art and spirituality be one unity.
Some religion, make some policy to stop this process, because can give bad impact. Make confused spiritual community. From one God to many manifestation.
Conflict happen. A part not agree with this, must stop the creativity process just for a part of authority. They make own religion. And each other make claim involve the truth from God hands.
Its why, until now, religion be a sensitive issue. We don’t know because the different things about God. People kill each other. Make a war and enemies propaganda.
I think if we try to think wise and open minded, maybe we can live in peacefully world. Don’t look how different we are, but why we not try to make all different side way to make a unity world. Because God just be at peace in heart and soul.

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