Monday, 19 April 2010

Soul - Atman आत्मन

The human soul is always in an unpredictable condition. Many influence inherence. Make a soul in complicated part. When a human is born and reborn , the soul starts in purity side.Then natural appetite and desire come to put the soul in a queer position.
Like a body; the soul needs food also. To grow up and proove its existence. If the soul in hungry condition, the impact it makes is an unbalanced life, impact to body healthy , and also mind life.
The souls food is unreal. We cant touch or buy it in some store. It's free if u have the desire to get it. Many people are very aware of this, but they have unwillingness to attain this part of life. They just concentraite on materialistic parts of this world. And don’t like irrasional things.
Quite the opposite with the spirituality person. They always try to think that in a life we must be in a balanced position. The Body can’t be divorced from the soul. Visa-versa; The soul can’t be divorced from the body. It's why we must have an immense compassion to arrange how the body have a certain attitude. to keep it in tune with the purity of the soul.
Some spiritual communities make a recipe for soul food. They pray, do a meditation and choose some religion. I believe everyone is free, To make their own recipe for soul food. Don’t forget -- your soul need some tranquility in your mind.

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