Thursday, 15 April 2010

พระบรมมหาราชวัง - Closed area for clothes

Grand Palace, they says it’s a King place; you need pay 350 bath to enter the door. Yay, and of course polite behavior, no sexy clothing it’s a rule here. To know whether your clothes is polite or not you must go to special room with an officer who checks them.

He will see your clothes deserve it or not. If he says NO, (it’s happen with me) you should go to another room to change clothes. Don’t worry, all clothing is provided and free of charge ( Just leave 200 bath for guarantee ) because , the clothes that you can get is Thailand traditional silky. It’s simply and beautifully.

Indeed every country has its own uniqueness. And the grand palace rule is not too different then my country. Its Eastern way of life.

And we all must follow it because has become generally accepted values that will carry us on into the civilized.

So I go to the other room, choose an orange gold Thai silky and change my clothes. Finally…I am ready to meet the king :)

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