Monday, 17 May 2010


China town in america, India street in Malaysia, Arabic village in Indonesia. Its look like one world without border. Beautifuly view.

When foreign elements coming into a new and different places. They make a process, if each other can not accept, the original culture will keep fixed and no new changes. But if the foreign culture that can be accepted and merged into one with the indigeneous culture its call alcculturation.

When acculturation happen, its need long process. Sometimes the local community that have indigeneous culture see and observe about the foreign culture that come into community. If it’s judged have much in common. The acculturation process will easy to happen.

But, even foreign culture fused with the indigenous culture. Not make, the local community in lost culture condition. The two side make a unity culture complementary to each other.

In proces, acculturation happen with two ways, penetration pasifique and penetration extreme. Penetration pasifique happen peacefully and without coercion. Penetration extreme happen with violence and coercion for example war and occupation conflict.

I think when all the world community have open minded brain.Acculturation will easy happen… Its bad…?? Mybe yes mybe no. No its not bad, because World will have new culture type that make with two or more different culture make a rich type of culture. Yes its bad if in process no balanced position when the acculturation happen. Why? Because the dominant culture will remove and kill undominant culture. And we will lost some type of culture that ever existed in the world. Again the indigenious that not have more authority will missing and lost.

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