Sunday, 1 September 2013

Wagah - The India Pakistan Border

"Peace begins with a smile.."

Yes, the next destination is "Wagah", the only road border crossing between Pakistan and India. This village located 22 km from Lahore Pakistan and 28 km from Amritsar India. We all know since long time ago India and Pakistan always have political issue, in conflict even till today.

So to visit the border between them give me flutter feel...

Every day before the sunset, flag lowering ceremony happen in this border. And i want to see how the ceremony going and also i want to see Pakistan land from the distance. Yes, Pakistan is on my travel list destination, but because the security issue i think i need to think twice before visit and travel around there.

Many kind of transport you can use to go to the border. If you want to share ride, there is special counter in the front of Golden Temple Amritsar that take you to the wagah, the price is around 300 - 400 Rs. I'm not sure which type of car they use.

Because they not give me enough information about when the car will leave to Wagah so i decide rent private car from my hotel. It cost 1000 Rs. More safe for women if you know who is the driver and with who you will share the car. So make sure to ask him the identity card , write it and give it to your hotel before you go.

From Amritsar, need 1,5 hour to reached the border. Along the way there is wheat fields, very dusty around and hot. So make sure wear cotton cloth and bring enough water.

The ceremony there start at 4.30 - 5.30 PM. But to avoid the crowd and a very long queue at entrance for security check point better if we reached there 1 hour before the ceremony. For foreign tourist there is special queue separate with the indian. Make sure you bring your pasport to show the security man there if you are foreigner.

There are many many military man walk around with the guns, so if you have phobia with all that guns better if you not come here. Security around here is very strict, we can't carry any kind of bag. So make sure before go to security check leave all inside your car. They allow you to bring any phone, kind of camera and lens. But you should carry it with your hands. I get difficult time there, hold my pasport, my camera, my lens, my wallet and a bottle of water just with two hands.

After passing four security inspection, we will reached the border. Again for foreign tourists the Border Security Force (BSF) has special seating arrangement for the ceremony. More space and close to the border . There is four kind of area, VIP, VVIP, Foreigner Gallery and Local. My advice sit on the top area, because you can get good view from the both side.

The ceremony lasted for 45 minutes. It's realy realy spectacular border ceremony for me. I try to capture with my lens the high patriotic and nationalism spirits from sides of the border.

Without war, without violance and without blood....





Jai Hind..., Pakistan Zindabad ...

That's the two words left in my mind after walking out from the border..

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