Sunday, 8 September 2013

The Blissful Light

"Happiness is seeing the sunrise and knowing who to thank ..."

Morning is always my favourite time. In every place that i visit. I always try to spend a day just to see the sun come and go up. Even we have the same sun every day, but i believe it's send the different feelling in each moment depend on where you are.

Today, i try to wake up early again and wait the sunrise inside the golden temple Amritsar. And i see some of sikh start to do morning bathing, for spiritual purification. They wait sun come up inside the pool. Honestly i want to jump too, but inside golden temple women can't take a bath everywhere. They should take a bath in the special lady's area.

After 30 minute wait, the yellow light just come up, shining bright and warm. Touch my soul, feed my mind and heals my pain. That's the reason why i always love sunrise. I call it "The Blissful Light"