Saturday, 27 July 2013

Sustainable Table

For some years , i learn much about the concept of philosophy sustainable table. How everything that serve in our table is "good" , "clean" and "fair".

GOOD a fresh and flavorsome seasonal diet that satisfies the senses and is part of our local culture. CLEAN food production and consumption that does not harm the environment, animal welfare or our health. FAIR accessible prices for consumers and fair conditions and pay for small-scale producers.

A piece of plate for me, like a life. I want to fill it with everything that beautiful and bring happiness. Without blood, revenge or murder. I believe food that come into our mouth not just feed our body or physic but also feed our soul, mind and also heart. And the important one is bring peace and smile for Terra Madre (Mother Earth)

And today here my menu...

Without kill the tree, i pick seven kind of leaf from my garden, cook it in natural way, without fire and chemical stuff.

I call it "the conscious salad" :)


  1. We have a saying in our culture, "Jaisa Ann, waisa mann" which means "Our soul becomes just like the food we eat". And that is why our ancient texts stress on 'satvik' food, one which is pure, clean and wholesome, without too much spices and very basic in nature. Just like your plate, your menu reminds me of satvik food, Mareta :)

    1. Wah thank you for the information Arti, i will read more about satvik food and try to fill it in my menu. Absolutely agree with our ancient words, everything that less will give good influence

      Have nice sunday..

  2. best greets to your upcoming deficiencies :-)