Sunday, 14 July 2013

Rangla Amritsar Dhaba - Vegetarian Resto in Amritsar

Yes, now is breakfast time. After spend an early walk around golden temple, im feel very hungry. Boring with hotel breakfast that give me coffee and french toast everyday, i try to walk around near the golden temple market to know what the local eat for breakfast.

The problem is in India they usualy eat heavy breakfast around 11 AM. So many resto there have complete menu after 11 AM. For start the day usualy they just drink "chai" and some bread or biscuit. This is very different with indonesian breakfast style. We start eat heavy food for breakfast at 7 AM - 8 AM. And in 1 PM we eat again the heavy food for lunch.

So after try and ask some resto, i find one place that have noodle and also serve vegetarian amritsari "kulcha" with very yummy taste at 8 AM :). Enough heavy to feed my belly. Rangla Amritsari Dhaba, just beside the cafe coffee day. I love kulcha, rich taste inside.

If you travel aroud amritsar you can try the kulcha there, the price is reasonable, friendly people and clean place inside :)

Here the address :
Chowk Phuwara - Opp. Marwari Mandir, Amritsar.


  1. Wonderful Review, Mareta. In north India generally breakfast tends to be heavy with kulchas and parathas along with curd or bean curry. Perhaps, the restaurants cater to the tourist's interest and prefer keeping things light. Glad you found yourself a good authentic dhaba.. The kulcha looks so yummmmmm with a cube of butter on top :)

    Enjoying my Amritsar tour along with you, keep the posts coming :)

  2. Yes i love the kulcha there, taste different , hope i can find same taste in indonesia :)

  3. ya it looks tasty. even without meat :)

    1. I'm sure you will love it , full of butter and realy chessy inside :)