Saturday, 6 July 2013

Morning Prayer at Golden Temple Amritsar

"An early-morning walk is a blessing for the whole day....."

Today i wake up very early around 3 AM, i want to join the morning prayer at Golden Temple Amritsar. Morning Prayer there start at 3.30 - 4.00 AM everyday. With sleepy face i walk down to the golden temple which is very closed from my hotel just 15 minutes walking.

As my experience, in every religion belief, they all start to devote in early day. Mybe because morning is a symbol of beginning, so this is the perfect time to start build a hope and have a conversation with the divine power throught the prayers.

Same happen in Amritsar, for a thousand sikh follower here the day begins very early early. Start preparing for a predawn visit to the Darbar Sahib – a routine that hasn’t changed for four centuries. The devout eagerly await this hour each morning to pray and visit Golden Temple with the garlands of yellow, gold or russet marigolds to carry inside as offerings.

I just thinking if i visit more early , i will easily reached inside The Golden Dome of Golden Temple. But I'm wrong, 3.30 AM and the temple already full of people. This city realy never sleep maybe. I sit and join the long queue. Listen to the priest read the holy book and hearing the melodic chanting of hymns.

And finaly after 1 hour standing, i reached inside the Golden Dome, sit there for 30 minute , see around, try to feel the spiritual experience around the dome and get the blessings.


  1. Mareta, your words are so soulful... like poetry, and your pictures, magic. I am really feeling like I am travelling with you. My favorite time of prayer is also morning, freshness and silence filling the atmosphere. Simply beautiful and divine, looking forward to more :)

  2. Thank you Arti, yes in the dark and quiet time, i feel God more closed :)

    Will write more later, Have good sundays there...

  3. Beautiful and sacred post on Golden temple prayer.Thanks for sharing it. Devotees should know the Golden temple timings, entry, location and other information to experience the spiritual enlightenment.