Tuesday, 26 February 2013

India (is) The Incredible Land

Soon, i will fly back to India. When you ask me why i always fly there..?. Sometime difficult to explain , it is like it is ...

Here some of reason why India always take me back :)

-The spirituality life there..

Spirituality and india is like a coin, two side can't saparated. Everyday is devotion, everytime is worship , everyhour is faith and everyminute is faithfulness. Almost everday around India have festival that celebrate in every reason and devotion. People live and breathe their spirituality. The idea of the divine exists everywhere in their lives and permeates every moment of the day.

Ritual marks most every aspect of their lives and it is fascinating to watch. Because many people travel to india to attand some festival. We need to make sure, about the date, place to stay and the transportation like air tickets , bus or railway. For foreigner like me, no need worried, we can do it all ONLINE. One famous website that usualy use by traveller to get cheap flight tickets around india is Makemytrip

-The India Sunrise...

I don't know why, but Sunrise in India always give me special feel. The light touch me so deeply bring happy feel inside like a new hope born. Wake up in the morning, sit outside, drink the hot chai and listening temple chant beside bring me peacefuly ambiance.

-Photographer’s paradise land...

Everything there is great object. So diversity in everypart. The people, the animal, the place, the culture, the history, the religion. Sometime the problem for me is India so big land and i don't have enough time to covered all. The easy way to travel throught there is by flight. There is some domestic flight like Jet Airways that i want to try in my next journey.

-The Food..

Just in India i can pay so cheap for my fav food. And yes with 10$ i can drink chai till die :)

Shooping time

Even the traditional market there so annoying , with patient and smile you will get what you want with the best price. I love the cloth, the colour of textile, the craft, and also religious stuff.

George Harrison

Yes, listening his song always make me miss India. One great quote from him that i love, "Everything else can wait, but the search for God cannot wait...". I always listen Harrison song on my playlist while travel around India. My Fav one is the song "Prabhujee"

India pulses, surges, vibrates, and makes you feel alive. Arriving in India, more than any other country. Your senses are overloaded with colors, shapes, sights, sounds, smells and tastes!

There is a lot of reason, I can not explain here with words , sometime sound not logic, that bring me feel India is my second home. I miss you India ...


  1. Welcome to India Mareta :) You have described India so very well, its sights, its colors, its sounds!!!
    Do tell me when you will be coming here :)

  2. Just count the day here Arti, i think i can't wait more longer ya :). Prepare all plan, will stay more longer than before.