Monday, 24 December 2012

The Wave, The Rural and The Sun at Cimaja West Java

I'm not realy beach lover, i never make a beach inside my travel list destination. What i need now is a quiet and spacious place to fix the mess inside my brain. And Cimaja look perfect to visit.

Cimaja is a beach in little village Cisolok West Java Indonesia. Even just 120 km away from Jakarta, not make this place famous to be holiday destination. The big wave and also the strong story of traditional myth (Believe it or not there have been a lot of deaths missing on the sea over the years) make this place more quiet from tourist.

Just the surfer hang around here with the big big board , yes because the wave, cimaja become a heaven for the surfing lovers around the world.

Note : How to reached Cimaja from Jakarta...?
From Jakarta use Train Comuter Line to Bogor-1 hour ( 1U$)
From Bogor use Air Conditioning Bus directly to Pelabuhan Ratu West Java-4 hour (3U$)
From Pelabuhan Ratu rent motorcyle or other public transport to Cimaja- 15 minute (2U$)

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  1. You should have followed the CIA agent to Cimaja during Lebaran. Funny... the line-up looks more crowded out-of-season.